Preschool Buddies!!

Today was a great day because we got to meet our preschool buddies for the first time! The Tuataras have joined up with the Flying Cheetahs in preschool to build relationships, learn together, and have some fun!

Today was our first visit and we prepared some interview questions to help us get to know our new friends. After a short visit, we got right down to the serious business of having some fun! 

The Tuataras also prepared by talking about how we should act with our new friends in preschool and then afterward, we reflected on a job well done!

Making Graphs

We looked briefly at data collection and how graphs help us organize and read data more easily. Students had an opportunity to make some graphs of their own in small teams. We shared these with each other and made sure our graphs made sense to others and that they were being interpreted correctly. We will have lots more opportunities to collect data, look at what the numbers are telling us, and create graphs that help us understand the data in a clear and organized way.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

What if you were given a problem to solve that seemed at first to have no solution? Students were given a roll of duct tape, a marker, and a small whiteboard. The task was to draw a happy face on the board with the marker. 

However, the whiteboard was placed inside a large circle that students could not step into. They also could not cross over the invisible 'force field' that ran from the circle to the ceiling!

Many solutions were tried... and many failed. But failure is just an opportunity to learn!

After some careful thinking, a couple of teams realized that suspending the marker in the middle of a long piece of tape supported by people on either side could create a possible solution. 

And finally, it was found that four people working together with a large tape structure in the shape of an 'X' could indeed be a viable solution!

Infer the Topic

As we launch into our new unit, students were given a single item that is connected to the unit content. Without knowing the subject matter, students had to guess, or infer the topic. 

Students then paired up with another student and looked at both items together. This helped them grow new ideas about the subject of our unit.

Finally, students formed groups of four and looked at all four items together. They talked about possible topics for our upcoming unit.

Our unit on Physical Wellbeing will focus on the choices we make that affect our health and wellbeing. 

Clear and Precise Communication

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We focused on our transdisciplinary skill of Communication. To demonstrate the importance of clear and precise communication, we sat back-to-back with a partner.

One of us had a drawing and the other had a blank sheet of paper.

The one holding the drawing had to use clear and precise communication to describe what was in the drawing.

Without looking, the one with the blank sheet of paper had to draw what was being described to them.

The results helped us realize that precision and clarity of language, description, and word choice all play an important role in communicating our ideas and our thoughts properly!

Great Learners, Great Classmates, Great Teachers, Great School!

We thought about what it is that great learners, teachers, and classmates are, what they do, what they say, and what they don't do. We collected these ideas on poster paper in a silent 'Chalk Talk'. As we moved around the classroom, we wrote our ideas, read other ideas that were written, and added additional thoughts as they came. Our posters are displayed in our classroom as a reminder of our thinking.